The effective damage listed is equal to the damage times the fire rate.

Conventional lasers Edit

There are 4 types of conventional lasers:

  • Mining (10 and 30MW)
  • Impulse (1 and 5 MW)
  • Particle (1, 4, 20, 100, 140MW, and their light-weight equivalents)
  • Gatling (4, 6, 10MW and their LW equivalents)

The mining lasers are special; you can use them to mine ore from asteroid fields.

Mining and Impulse lasers fire once per round. Particles fire twice, and Gatlings fire 3 times.

140MW Particles, and all the Gatlings are only allowed to be used by Empire pilots of a certain rank.

The light-weight (LW) equivalents of some of the lasers just have a lower mass, so they occupy less of the ship, leaving more room for cargo. They are much more expensive than their heavier equivalents, though.

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