Medusa swarmlings

Official Information Edit

Progeny of the dreaded Medusa Species, Swarmlings pose nearly as great a threat as their matured parents. Though smaller, the poison found within the barbs of their flagella is just as potent, paralyzing their host victim within seconds and leaving them helpless.

  • Disposition: Predatory
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Region: Universal, not in Pardus


Stats Edit

  • Hull 450
  • Armor Points Factor
  • ORG 750 3 x
  • Shield 120 Regen ?/6
  • Weapon Damage Type Firerate
  • Small Tentacles 42 ORG 2
  • Small Tentacles 42 ORG 2
  • Small Tentacles 42 ORG 2
  • XP 800
  • HA Limit 66
  • Respawn Location Moving
  • Unknown Random No
  • Cloaks No
  • Retreat Hold Often

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