Sub parasites

Official Information Edit

Parasites, as they always have been, are classified by their intrinsic need to bond with a host entity in order to survive, growing stronger through this union while its victim slowly withers away to death. Though millions of different parasites surely exist in space, it is the massive, never before seen ectoparasites that strike the most blunt fear into the hearts of space travelers.

While several different types of ectoparasites have been discovered to exist in space, it is the Skyphos Genus that has reigned the most terror, and caused the most horrific destruction upon all other forms of life. Often referred to as the Three Sisters, the Skyphos Genus, from what we know, consists of three different species; the Medusa, the Stheno, and the Euryale.

So named because of their resemblance to the cursed creatures of the ancient Human myths, the three species of the Skyphos Genus pose a terrible threat to any creature that dares wander the cosmos. Snake-like flagella extending from their bodies, which are used primarily for locomotion, serve also as tentacles which can ensnare their host. Littered also with thousands of tiny barbs, these flagella inject their victim with paralytic toxins that serve also to preserve the host body after death

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